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Topic-icon Can't find class on WizIQ?

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8 years 7 months ago #2279 by troid.org admin
Can't find class on WizIQ? was created by troid.org admin
WizIQ has changed its system.

No longer does it have, 'Private Classes' and 'Public Classes' alone. It now has a course system. All classes must fit within a given course.

So, for instance, we had to create a course for the Masaa'il al-Jaahiliyyah, within this course are:

WizIQ no longer lists "Public Classes" on its site. It only listed "Courses" BUT only paid courses are listed, free courses like ours do not gain any listing on wiziq.com. This is not something we are pleased with but this is what they have done. So unless we charged a fee, even a small one, it won't show on wiziq.com

To find the classes, you need to follow this URL, we will post it on the class page and audio page.


You can always access the classes from the WizIQ widget on the www.troid.ca homepage. It sits horizontally on the side now as they haven't made a vertical option like before.


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