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Imām Ibn Maajah and His Book "As-Sunan" was created by moosaa.richardson
Ibn Maajah: The great haafith and reliable imām of Ḥadīth and Tafsīr, Abū 'Abdillaah Muhammad ibn Yazeed ar-Raba'ee (from the ancient Tribe of Rabee'ah), known as Ibn Maajah al-Qazweenee (209-273). Qazweenee is an ascription to Qazween, and ancient city in Iraq where many scholars came from.

Ath-Thahabee said about him: "He was an upright haafith and critic having vast knowledge."

His Book "As-Sunan": One of the six source collections of ḥadīth.

Shaykh Muhammad Aadam al-Ityoobee said: "It has been one of the most important books to reach the hands of students of knowledge all over the world, from the earliest of times." (Mashaariq al-Anwaar al-Wahhaajah, 1/5)

Brief Overview of the Contents of Sunan Ibn Maajah

The book contains over 4,000 ḥadīth organized into subject matter, beginning with the Creed and Manhaj of the Salaf found in the Introduction. This is followed by the traditional chapters of 'Ebaadaat (Purification, Prayer, Fasting, and Zakaat) with the exception of Hajj. Chapters on Marriage, Divorce, and Business interrupt the 'Ebaadaat, with Hajj coming after many chapters of Mu'aamalaat (Business and other interactions). The Book ends with a large chapter on Zuhd (devotion to the Hereafter and abstaining from much worldly pleasure).

The book does contain a number of unauthentic narrations, about one thousand in fact. The introduction contains 266 ḥadīth, about 50 of which are not authentic. These will be identified and critically discussed thoughout our course, in shaa' Allaah.
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