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Umrah & Dawrah Do's and Don't's


1. Please take some time to clean out your wallet before travel. Do not carry every piece of ID you usually carry with you on a daily basis. Such as shopping cards, library card and so on.

2. Make NO plans to carry a "Money Belt" while making Umrah. Such that a person carries $6000.00 in a pouch around their waist bulging out while making Tawaaf - thinking that no thief will try anything here.

3. Don't buy expensive sandals, slippers etc (like Guess, Gucci) as you will be in and out of a Masjid/place to pray a lot. Especially at the Masjid Haram, it could get lost easily or misplaced. Keep in mind 1000's of people. Remember (by # where you put your shoes, choose places not to crowded with shoes or carry them with you in bag - better)

4. Do not drink ice-cold drinks in the hot sun (or do so at your own risk) as it can cause throat-irritation to those who aren't used to Saudi weather (travellers from the West), also, be cautious about sugary drinks, you may drink 8 or 9 of them a day and not realise (PS - do not confuse dehydration with exercise, yes, you are sweating but it doesn't mean you are losing weight/will not gain weight on your trip)

5. Do not wander into the desert (might seem obvious but people do these things and don't come back!)

6. Do not go shopping for thobes or visit McDonalds during the lecture times (remember the Shaytaan will suggest something good to replace something much much better)

7. Do not get angry or push/shove people in tawaaf, even if they do it to you - be patient and seek the reward from Allaah (note: it isn't so busy outside of hajj/ramadaan)

8. Do not be mean to tour operators or fellow travellers, be aware that the service level and commitment to agreements is weaker in some parts of the world. It is a different culture in the Middle East. Please do not excessively argue. Smile, have a good time, make ibaadah, endure any bumps with a smile and people will feed of that.


1. Be patient with the harms of modern-day travel. Do not lament the fatigue, be patient with it, May Allaah expiate your sins. Be thankful for modern conveniences that make travel around the world a 24hr or less trip.

2. Drink Zam Zam as much as possible, and water in general, keep yourself hydrated, you won't visibly sweat as much in the dry desert conditions, this can cause a person to think he isn't dehydrated, drink up to 2L of water a day just in case.

3. Eat healthy, lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats etc. - keep your strength up! Stay away from too much fast food, it is everywhere (KSA is no different).

4. Be punctual, if you miss flights/connections - it will be your responsibility to get from A to B thereafter (not a good idea especially if you do not speak Arabic) - buses/planes will not wait for you.

5. Help others, be kind, generous and easy going - may Allaah reward you.

6. Be respectful of your roommates, establish a 'lights out' silent time, if you wish to remain awake, go to the masjid or visit someone else but respect the sleep time that is agreed upon by your roommates.

7. Bring an unlocked phone, you can get sim cards from Mobily near the haram (or in the airport) calling home from a mobile phone is affordable in the KSA (unlike in the West)

8. Read some books/booklets on Umrah - i.e. www.troid.ca/store/product.php?productid=18601&cat=0&page=1

9. Bring new/recent issue $100 USD or $100 CAN (Canadian $ fine, just bring new versions only), money can be exchanged close to the haram (Makkah and Madeenah). Debit/Credit is rarely accepted, Saudi Airlines is the only thing that comes to mind. You will need cash to buy food, clothes etc. Canadian bank cards will work in some bank machines, but not all so bring cash accordingly.

more to follow insha'Allaah....
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