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2004 (Centre's Opening/Before Rennovation)

The following images were taken soon after moving in to the new centre (Jan. 2004), it shows the centre in its orginal form before any rennovation and implementation of the store/library and administrative offices.

 Did you Know: Masjid al-Furqān and Islamic Information Centre opened in Jan. 2004 and has progressed to become a publishing house, local and online store and host of many seminars and events.


  • masjidfront
  • masjifside
  • entrance
  • front
  • frontstore
  • admin office
  • audioroom
  • tapemachines
  • tapewall
  • musallafront
  • musallaback
  • backentrance
  • A wintry view of TROID (before renovation), early 2004.
  • Side view or the centre, looking north-west on Weston rd.
  • The entrance to TROID
  • A view from what is now TROIDStore
  • Windows and main entrance
  • Admin office
  • TROID Workshop
  • Old cassette dubbers
  • The wall of cassettes (many converted to MP3 on troid.ca)
  • The brothers prayer area
  • The brothers prayer area (reverse)
  • Sisters prayer area

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