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2005 (Post Renovation/Store Launch)

After much hard work, the centre was redesigned and redifined with the complete rennovation of the premises. Take a look at the dramatic improvements.

 Did you Know: The redesign of the Centre @ 874-A Weston Rd. paved the way for the launch of our non-profit store, aimed at supplementing donated financial support.


  • outside lg
  • foyer lg
  • hallway lg
  • musalla lg
  • musalla rev lg
  • sisters lg
  • sisters2 lg
  • siswudhoo lg
  • store2 lg
  • store3 lg
  • store lg
  • store4 lg
  • store5 lg
  • store6 lg
  • store7 lg
  • workshop lg
  • workshop2 lg
  • workshop3 lg
  • workshop4 lg
  • Exterior view of TROID (July 2005, muggy summer's day)
  • Shoe area
  • Foyer
  • Brothers side
  • Brother side (reverse)
  • Sisters side
  • Sisters side (reverse)
  • Sisters Wuḍū area
  • Welcome to TROIDStore
  • Men's thobes
  • Boy's thobes
  • New Books
  • Tons of Islamic products
  • Women's clothing
  • TROID Workshop
  • TROID Workshop (CD Dubber)
  • TROID Workshop (PC stations)
  • TROID Workshop (cassette wall)

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No class this evening, we will continue with Kitab al-Tawheed tomorrow after ‘ishā’ prayer إن شاء الله

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