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The History of our Centre

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The History of ‘The Reign of Islamic Daʿwah’, Toronto, Canada

Updated: 2007/07/20

As-salām ’ʿalaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa baraakatuh,

The Early Years (1997-1998)

In 1996 a group of zealous young Muslims began to give daʿwah in the streets of Toronto. This small yet essential daʿwah effort progressed to become ‘The Reign of Islamic Daʿwah Centre.’ We are a diverse, multi-ethnic group of brothers and sisters who volunteer our time, wealth and skills to spread pure Islām through various mediums to the Muslims and the non-Muslims.

Our efforts in street daʿwah almost sixteen years ago resulted in countless people embracing Islām by the will of Allāh. We then rented a small facility which became the first daʿwah centre in Toronto, Canada. We had very limited resources at the time; 300-400 audio cassettes, a cassette dubibng machine, a few books and a phone line. We struggled and strove in the path of Allāh and al-hamdulillāh; we managed to collect enough money to print 30,000 daʿwah leaflets. This massive project resulted in countless new Muslims by the grace of Allāh, the Almighty. Many of these young reverts became strong in their religion and joined this noble daʿwah effort.

As the community grew, so did the need for a larger facility and a wide range of Islamic projects evolved. In order to pave the way for the Muslims to continue their Islamic development; ʿaqīdah classes, al-ʿArabīc lessons, a book and tape store, counselling and other social services would need to be made available. In 1997, the daʿwah centre relocated to a much larger location in a bustling area. The new facility included a sisters section, structured classes, not to mention daily daʿwah services and an open door for all people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike to learn about the true Religion of Islām. 

Another landmark was reached in 1998 with the help of Allāh, the All-Powerful and the efforts of a few Muslims. We managed to distribute 50,000 leaflets entitled ‘20 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Islām’ in addition to 600 audio cassettes. The leaflets were intended to call the non-Muslims to Islām, a supplement to the already successful ‘tawḥīd’ pamphlet. To our joy, these leaflets were inspirational to the Muslims and became an instrumental tool in calling the Muslims in our community to the sunnah. As the daʿwah increased so did the necessary activities. daʿwah was established in the prisons, Friday Prayer and Islamic classes in schools and universities, counselling services were freely available and lectures and seminars were established. At this juncture, the daʿwah centre had evolved full-circle in the service of daʿwah to the Muslims and the non-Muslims.

In June of 1998, the daʿwah centre investigated the potential of creating a website to present the services of the centre and our daʿwah pamphlets. This small project grew to become the face of the daʿwah centre. Through time, troid.org has emerged from a single web page to become one of the largest Islamic knowledge base on the internet. During the last several years, articles and audio have been consistently published online for the benefit of the entire world. This became a global daʿwah platform which allowed us to present the writings and recordings of the Scholars and their students to the masses. At present, 100's of gigs monthly are downloaded making it one of the largest known Salafī website online.

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