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Islamic Pamphlet Drive #1: Common Misconceptions About God

Brand New Flyers!!

Dating back to the 1990's, TROID has always had an emphasis on 'street daʿwah,' the most basic way of calling to Allāh, stopping and talking to people and dsitributing information and knowledge. As this project of daʿwah (to the non-Muslims) grew, it became part of the islām.ca group of projects - all aimed at spreading Islām to the non-Muslim audience. Currently we are seeking to take our pamphlets to the next level, re-inventing them in a manner which is most suitable and most inspiring to the non-Muslim reader, there are six in the 'Islamic Information Series':

  1. Common Misconceptions about God (First to be printed in shaa' Allāh)
  2. 7 'Fundamental' Questions about Islām
  3. Muḥammad: A Witness, Bearer of Glad Tidings and a Warner
  4. Misconceptions: Islām is only for Arabs, Do Muslims Worship Muhamamd? Does Islām Degrade Women?
  5. Women in Islām
  6. Uprooting the Forces of Evil: Islām's War on Terror

    By the permission of Allāh, the Most Merciful, then your kind support - we hope to transform each one of the 6 pamphlets into new, exciting, presentable flyers of the higest quality and presentation. These flyers would be distributed throughout Canada and possibly provide a blueprint for other Islamic organisations in the Western World to re-distribute accordingly. There is a tremendous amount of blessing and reward in aiding such a project and Allāh is Most Kind.

    Comparision of old flyer (out of circulation) and proposed new ones:




What is needed?

1. Flyer Design and 10,000 copies, professionaly press-printed and folded (high gloss) $1200 -DONE-

2. Coordination with other centres or indviduals in Canada to expand national distribution (pending)

3. Abīlity for other organisations in USA, UK etc. to adapt flyer for localised use [without compromsing content/design] (pending)

4. Place on www.islām.ca (new design coming 2013 in shaa' Allāh) for digital distribution.

For those who would like to assist the first in the series of six pamphlets:

  1. Paypal amount to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (put 'Islamic Pamphlet Drive' in notes) or use the donation panel on troid.ca
  2. Send a cheque payable to: The Reign of Islamic Daʿwah (874-A Weston Rd. Toronto, ON. Canada M6N 3R6 - attn. pamphlet drive)
  3. Make a donation in person at the Masjid and Islamic Daʿwah Centre (TROID)

We hope that the coordination of this project will pave the way for local, regional and international distrbution of a series of useful pamphlets for non-Muslims. We hope to print 1-a-month till its completion. The initial need is only $1200 to print 10,000 or 11 cents a flter (despite its super-high quality). Aiding this project also aids the coordination of its usage across the world in shaa' Allāh to the benefits are tremendous. We hope to display/announce our second flyer in December, pending the sucess of this one - we ask Allāh to faciliate it amīn.

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