Daʿwah on the Streets

Our first project established in the early nineties, the founding project that paved the path to a daʿwah centre continues to this day.

During the 1990's, this was the foremost project established by TROID. 'Street Daʿwah' as it was called, was simply meeting in certain populated areas and discussing and calling to Islām at a grass-roots level with our fellow citizens. Volunteer groups would get together and simply introduce and discuss Islām. This was a very successful project which resulted in many people coming to Islām, at minimum it helped to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims, removing many stereotypes and insecurities. 1000s of cassettes, pamphlets and other information have been distributed over the years. Today, this project is mostly inactive and resigned to our daʿwah presentation screen and pamphlets on Weston Rd.

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