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Reviving a Sunnah: The Duha Prayer

  Abū ʿAbdillāh Ḥasan al-Ṣumālī

A list of narrations concerning the Duha Prayer (forenoon prayer) also known as Ṣalāt al-Awwabīn (the prayer of the penitent) or Ṣalāt al-ʿIshrāq (the prayer after sunrise).

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  Abū Dharr narrated that the Messenger of Allāh said: “In the morning charity is due from every joint of your body. Every tasbeeh (saying glory be to Allāh) is charity. Every tahmeed (saying all praise is due to Allāh) is charity. Every tahleelah (saying none has the right to be worshipped except Allāh) is charity. Every takbīrah (saying Allāh is the Greatest) is charity. Enjoining the good is charity. Forbidding the evil is charity; and performing two rak’ah of Duha suffices all of this."

Shaykh Ibn ʿUthaymīn -raḥimahullāh- said, as occurs in 'Majmūʿul-Fatāwá' (14/306/no.875): ''The time of the Duha Prayer is from when the sun has risen to the height of a spear, i.e. approximately a quarter or a third of an hour after having risen; until 'just before the zawaal', and 'just before the zawaal' means between ten and five minutes (prior to it)..''

Compiled and translated by Ḥasan al-Ṣumālī


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