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14 Great Benefits of the Remembrance of Allāh

  Mūsá Richardson

A prelude to the 1439 | 2018 Islamic Summer Courses in Torointo, Canada, Ustādh Mūsá discusses numerous points exclaiming the many virtues of dhirk (the remembrance of Allāh). 

Listen/Download | 71 mins.


From the benefits discussed: 

  1. Dhikr is something that takes over your entire life
  2. Dhikr removes sadness, distress, grief and anxiety during the cycle of life's ups/downs
  3. The mention of Allāh facilitates the best of this brief life
  4. The mention of Allāh keeps the Shayṭān away from you
  5. The people who mention Allāh the most are the forerunners in getting nearer to Allāh
  6. Those who the Messenger (ﷺ) loved, he guided them to the dhikr of Allāh
  7. The mention of Allāh is a simple and easy affair
  8. The mention of Allāh are seeds that plant in the beautiful fertile soil of paradise
  9. Allāh himself makes mention of the dhākirīn (those who remember him)
  10. The mention of Allāh increase you in His aid and support (māʿiyyah)
  11. Mentioning Allāh in this world is and action continued on into the hereafter
  12. It is a sign of a person's love of Allāh that he mentions Him much
  13. The mention of Allāh on the tongue leads the way for all of the body parts


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