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Uncovering the Hidden Ḥizbī, Abū Muslimah ʿAbdullāh Tawfīq, Imām of Masjid Ahl al-Sunnah

  Dār al-Ḥadīth wa-al-Athar

Exposing the many manhaj errors of Abū Muslimah ʿAbdullāh Tawfīq - whose ḥizbiyyah  remained hidden from the majority of the common-folk in the West for way too long. This article deals with Abū Muslimah's view that any speech against him and his centre is speech against the truth itself! Also, his feeble attempts to separate the scholars of Salafīyyah from this blessed daʿwah.

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  Sallām ibn Mutī’ said, ‘A man said to Ayyūb al-Sakhtiyānī, ‘O Abā Bakr, ʿAmr ibn ʿʿUbayd has turned back from his opinion!!’ He said, ‘He has not turned back.’ He said, ‘Indeed, O Abā Bakr, he has turned back!’ Ayyūb said, ‘He has not turned back – three times – he has not turned back. Have you not heard his (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) saying, ‘They shoot out from the Religion just as the arrow shoots through the prey, then they do not return to it until the arrow returns to the bow string.


Tags: Salafī, Ḥizbiyyah, Bidʿah, Deviation

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