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Who Should Speak During Fitnah?

  Shaykh Ṣāliḥ ibn Fawzān al-Fawzān

From the coffee shops to the colleges to the marketplaces, the Muslims are abound with opinions on every matter, especially the fitnah of the day. However, who should speak during trying times, and who should be silent?



  Only the people of knowledge and understanding must speak during fitan. When the ignorant person speaks during fitan it only increases the trials, strife and discord.


أحسن الله إليكم ‏

May Allāh give you good.

كيف نفرق بين السكوت عن الفتن المذموم وبين عدم الخوض فيها المحمود 

[Q]: How do we distinguish between remaining silent during fitnah which can be considered blameworthy and not getting involved which could be considered praiseworthy?

الفتن لا يتكلم فيها الا أهل العلم 

والبصيرة ما الكل يتكلم فيها

إذا تكلم الجهال في الفتن زادت

الفتن أما إذا تكلم العلماء فيها 

وبينوها فإنها تطفأ بإذن الله 

فالفتن ما يتكلم فيها كل أحد وإنما 

يتكلم فيها أهل العلم وأهل 

البصيرة الذين يعرفون الحق من 

الباطل ويعرفون كيف يتكلمون 

ما يخوض كل واحد في الفتن 

ويتكلم ويفتي ويقول .. نعم

[A]: Only the people of knowledge and understanding must speaking during fitan. When the ignorant person speaks during fitan it only increases the trials, strife and discord. And when the ʿulamāʾ speak at these times they explain the errors and with Allāh’s permission the fitan is disolved. So for that reason, any or everyone shouldn’t speak during trials, tribulations and  discord, only the people of knowledge and the people of understanding are to speak during these trials. The people of knowledge know the truth from falsehood and they know how to address the issues. Not everyone should get involved in the fitan, not everyone should speak, not everyone should give his legal opinion, or say anything. Yes!

 انتهى كلامه حفظه الله

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