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Lessons in Manhaj: The Ruling on the Jamāʿāt

  Abū ʿIyāḍ Amjad ibn Muḥammad Rafīq

An important lecture from the Dār al-Ḥadīth wa-al-Athar Seminar in Phildelphia (Dec. 02) which will be useful towards understanding the correct manhaj of daʿwah as opposed to the corruption of the Islamic movements and their muwāzināt (counter-balancing) praise and criticism.

An explanation upon the confusion of the times regarding the correct path. Abū ʿIyāḍ overviews the manhaj of ahl al-sunnah wa-al-jamāʿah in regards to deriving issues of ʿaqīdah and daʿwah. Later, the deviations of current day groups such as al-Ikhwān al-Muslimīn and their deviated manāhij (methodologies) in understanding issues of ʿaqīdah and daʿwah are exposed and their roots unveiled. A great answer to the people of party-spirit who claim the issues of the jamāʿāt are trivial and of secondary concern, when in fact, the multiplicity of groups and movements is the cause for division and destruction in the Muslim ummah.  An extended question and answer session follows.

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