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Why It Is Obligatory to Ascribe Oneself to Salafiyyah

  Imām Muḥammad Nāṣir al-Dīn al-Albānī

Listen to the Imām of Salafiyyah recount his encounter with a man who does not feel that it is obligatory for one to ascribe himself openly to the truth – the madh′hab of the salaf.

Tags: Salafī, Al-Albānī, Manhaj, Sunnah

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RT @1MMeducation: It is NOT PERMISSIBLE for a man to be alone with a female (other than a spouse or close relative) in a car going anywhere…

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RT @1MMeducation: لا يخلون رجل بامرأة فإن الشيطان ثالثهما قال الشيخ ابن باز في شرح هذا الحديث: فالواجب الحذر، وألا تخرج أبداً إلا ومعها ثا…

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