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The Sunnah Is a Clear Path

  Abū Ḥafsah Kashiff Khān

A lecture from the seminar entitled, Indeed this Knowledge is Dīn So Look to Who You Take Your Religion From which took place in April 2014. A discussion on important ayāt and ḥadīth concerning the signposts of the Sunnah.

Listen/Download | 87 mins.



[Q1]: I live beside a masjid (IMO) which is a Ṣūfī hanafī masjid, is it obligatory for me to pray my ṣalāt at Masjid al-Furqān?

[Q2]: There are some sisters and brothers who visit TROID for a lecture then they go to ḥizbī masājid for other talks, i.e. “Masjid Hopping”

[Q3]: There are some who took part in a fitnah here some years ago, they occasionally come by,  when they are encouraged to make tawbah and bayān (clarification/retraction of those harms), they say tawbah is for Allāh (refusing to make open clarification)!

[Q4]: What do you advise the brothers and sisters with in terms of seeking knowledge?

[Q5]: If someone does not avoid the people of innovation, even if they ascribe to Salafīyyah, should we boycott them?

[Q6]: There are gatherings that take place in masājid that do not return to the scholars (of today), but they read from the books of the salaf…?

[Q7]: What advice do you have for a student who wants to study but it having a hard time getting into the Islamic universities?

[Q8]: Can a woman travel without a maḥram to see her mother, if she hasn’t seen her for a long time?

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