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The Sponsor an Audio Project


Update 2014/07/05: Project sponsorship available

One of the main projects at troid.ca is to deliver free audio to the english-speaking world. Audio has been a hallmark of the website since its inception in 1998. We continue to provide free audio content to this day, and see it as a very important aspect of spreading the daʿwah in the West. Throughout the years, simultaneously, we have sold audio cassettes, then CDs, then MP3s on TROIDStore (www.troid.biz) to supplement the financial needs of Masjid al-Furqān, the Islamic Daʿwah Centre (TROID), our websites and other projects. We made some content free and some content for purchase. Although this has been important towards the upkeep of TROID, we see it as a greater benefit to release as much free audio material as possible, to that end, we have developed a new project and retired all audio from TROIDStore, instead, we will make it all available, as a permanent free resource for all on troid.ca. There are numerous reason we want to head in this direction:

  • The widespread benefit to the daʿwah, throughout the English-speaking world
  • The accessibility factor: audio plays in iPods, cars, buses, iPads, Phones, practically anywhere
  • Ease of learning: many people aren't industrious readers but enjoy listening and taking notes
  • In an era where many deviant organisations focus on expensive seminar fīs and DVD sets, this type of initiative advances the daʿwah tenfold, especially online.

The benefits are numerous, the only drawback is that it removes a long-standing avenue of financial support to TROID. We have compiled a team to help make complete this project (which will take years in shaa' Allāh) and they are eager to help propel this project forward al-hamdulillāh. We have more than 500 audios to upload!

A great way to make a donation that packs a punch! We encourage you (in this blessed month of Ramaḍān) to support his noble project. Remember, English is widely understood across the world, places are far away as Africa and India are sources that access audio on troid.ca - you can share in the reward of spreading this knowledge in shaa' Allāh by supporting troid.ca. To support this project and others, see here.

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