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TROID Ramadaan Kids Clothing and Toy Drive

This Ramaḍān we are collecting clothing and toys for Muslim children in need of a helping hand!

Assist a Family in need: Many Muslim familes struggle to make ends meet, this ramadaan you can help them out in shaa' Allāh!


What we are collecting:

Womens Clothing, (good quality, washed)

Children’s clothes (infants, toddlers or small children, clean and in good to excellent condition)

Children’s toys (not too big/bulky)

- please do not donate clothing or toys in disrepair, we will not accept such items -

All proceeds will be donated “as is” to a Muslim Thrift store in the USA to support Muslim children and mothers in need.


How to help:

We are not accepted cash donations, only the physical items mentioned above

Donated items can be dropped off at:

874-A Weston Rd.
Toronto, ON. Canada
M6N 3R6

Donation drop-off times: 2pm-10pm, from July 10th to August  2nd 2013

For donations of more than two bags of clothes please contact us at 416-243-5320 (leave a message)

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