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Telelink: Who are the Scholars?

Who Are the Scholars? What Is Their Importance? Important Advice for Those New to Salafīyyah 

Telelink with the Noble Shaykh, Fu'aad al-'Amree
Who are the Scholars?

Sun. Aug. 18th 2013 @ 2PM DST
A cooperative effort of Masjid al-Furqān (TROID), Toronto, Canada, Dar as-Sahaaba, Ottawa, Canada, and Masjid Tawḥīd Wa Sunnah, Durham, USA.

Lecture will be broadcast in both Masjids and translated to English live.

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RT @hikmahpubs: Benefit from the senior scholars while you can, as they are leaders in knowledge, experience and wisdom. Al-‘Allamah Sali…

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RT @mbbsouthphilly: Good News: Our brothers and teachers: Hassan Somali and Anwar Wright - may Allah bless them - will be delivering lectur…

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RT @hikmahpubs: Fudayl b. ‘Iyād said: No one loves leadership except that they are envious, transgress, search for the faults of the peop…

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