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ʿĪd al-Fiṭr 1435: Monday July 28th 2014

The moon has been reported as sighted, this has reached us by way of multiple transmissions in the Middle East:

ʿId ul-Fiṭr will be on Monday. 28th July 2014
Ṣalāt ul-ʿId will be at 9:30AM sharp at 874-A Weston Rd. Remember that the al-Ṣalāh preceedes the khuṭbah. 

Please arrive early, parking in designated public parking only, and be very patient and prepared to walk a small distance if there is no nearby parking. Parking is available all along Weston Rd. for 100's of metres and since it is a weekend, one may park at the School on Alliance Ave. (100 parking spots or more). Remember to come with Wuḍū, as the facilities may become busy.

To see the parking map, please click below. 

Map of Area

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