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TROID's Meeting with al-ʿAllāmah ʿUbayd al-Jābirī

  TROID's Meeting with al-ʿAllāmah ʿUbayd al-Jābirī at the 1438 (2017) Madīnah Dawrah Organised by Salafi Publications

On Friday, 17th of Rajab, 1438 (14th of April, 2017), the brothers from TROID had the pleasure of meeting with the noble elder scholar, al-ʿAllāmah ʿUbayd ibn ʿAbdillāh al-Jābirī (ḥafiẓahullāh). Our noble brother, ʿAdil ibn ʿArif introduced the brothers to Shaykh ‘Ubayd, the shaykh responded by saying that they (TROID) are well known to us. The shaykh was informed that TROID currently has a weekly ʿaqīdah class based on the shaykh’s book (A Gift for the Intellects in Explanation of the Three Fundamental Principles of Islām). Out of humbleness, the shaykh requested that if we find any mistake in his work that we notify him so that he may amend it. The shaykh was very pleased to hear about the activity at TROID, including Masjid al-Furqān, TROID Publications, the weekly classes and seminars. He asked that we convey his salams to the Toronto community.

We ask Allāh to reward the noble shaykh for his time, his efforts and his continuous guidance in the affairs of daʿwah, in Canada and beyond. The shaykh has been ever-accommodating of his young brothers from Canada since the early 2000s, we ask Allāh to bless him.

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