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Feed the Needy Muslims - Trinidad & Tobago

Target Met (19.06.08): Jazaak Allāhu khair for your contributions and ada'oo (suplications)

As it is well known throughout the world that the prices of basic food items have risen exponentially on staple foods like rice, milk and flour. This continued growth in food prices has made life a bit more challenging for many Muslims in various communities.  In an effort to alleviate some of these difficulties upon our fellow Muslims, The Revival of Islamic Dawah Centre (TROID), will be embarking on a trial program to send food items to needy families in the Muslim community of Trinidad.

Our initial aim is to send sufficient food for 15-20 families via cargo (Boat). Therefore TROID has set up a local drop off point at the Centre for anyone wanting to assist in this project. The cost of sending one Jumbo Barrel of food, unlimited weight is $110CDN ($40 empty barrel and $70 shipping fī)– this does not include the cost of the food items, just the shipping from Toronto to Port of Spain, Trinidad. Depending on the response from the community we hope to send 3-5 jumbo barrels of food. Food donations of non-perishable items can be dropped off at the Masjid anytime after Dhuhur ṣalāt. If you would like to assist but don’t have the time to buy the food items we can arrange for someone to do the shopping on your behalf.

Food Guidelines:
– fruits, raw meats, vegetables etc.
YES – rice, flour, sugar, canned beans, un-canned dry bean, pasta, teabags, cereal, cornmeal, jams, cooking oil, ketchup, mayonnaise, quaker oats, cake mix, corned beef, sardines, tuna – basically anything halal that won’t spoil in the shipping process.

“Whoever relieves his brother (sister) of a burden in this world Allāh will relieve him (her) of a burden on the Day of Judgement” 

Total Cost: $1000 (3 shipped barrels full of non-perishable food) 

Ways to Help:

a) drop of non-perishables at the centre
b) drop off a donation towards this programme
c) mail a cheque (TROID Food Drive, 874-A Weston Rd. Toronto, ON. Canada M6N 3R6 | payable to: revival of islamic da'awah)
d) send a paypal donation labelled 'TROID Food Drive' to the email address 'shop(@)troid.ca'
e) call the centre (1.416.243.5320) and make a debit-card donation

Don’t we all like eating? Help bring that joy to someone in need.

May Allāh reward you in both worlds.

The Reign of Islamic Daʿwah

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