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New UK Phone Number

New UK & European Contact Number 

Questions about our upcoming Summer Courses? Need to contact TROIDStore? Questions or Concerns about www.troid.ca or www.islaam.ca? We welcome you to contact us at this convenient UK virtual number (calls will route through to our 1.416.243.5320 Toronto number):

Call UK 0121 2709453

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RT @1MMeducation: Trolls & misguided people of hizbiyyah, excessive talk & disputation: Don't be surprised when you are blocked. And NO, it…

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RT @1MMeducation: There is far too much talking, tweeting, & social media for Muslims! Focus on what benefits you, seek Allah's Assistance…

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RT @GtownMasjid: 8. Not condemning public prejudice feeds the narrative promoted by Islamophobes that Islam demeans African Americans 9. T…

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