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Caribbean Seminar: State of the Ummah (May '09)

A Series of lectures in the Caribbean on the State of
Our Beloved Muslim Ummah and the Path to Correctness

The Importance of Knowledge | Purification and Cultivation |
The Importance of the Scholars | Remembering the Hereafter



Telelinks: To be Announced

Speakers: Abū Ḥakīm Bilāl Davis, Abū Khadījah ʿAbd al-Wāḥid Alam (Lecturers from Birmingham, UK) 

Dates:  May 15th - May 27th 2009

  Tobago - Trinidad - Jamaica (see flyer for full details)

Paltalk: TBA

Schedule: (see flyer)

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RT @1MMeducation: @abdul4455_com حتى لا يوجه المغفلون كلام العلامة مقبل بن هادي رحمه الله غير التوجيه الصحيح المقصود فلا يدخل في هذا الكلام…

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RT @AbuKhadeejahSP: Shaikh Ibn Bāz was asked: “The one who praises Ahlul-Bid’ah and extols them, is he counted among them?” He replied:…

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RT @hikmahpubs: For Allāh to accept any act of worship there are 3 requirements: 1. Islam = Quran 3:85 2. Sincerity = 18:110 3. Adherence…

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