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Support TROID Radio - HD Audio, Schedules and More

Maintain radio.troid.ca Target: $300/$1000 USD Reached

Update: TROID Radio will soon host 1000+ audios on random shuffle, accessible at radio.troid.ca or by using the TuneIn app for iOS, Android, Blackberry etc. We are able to broadcast live events now in up to 196kbps HD streams. You can also look forward to a ramadhān-centric playlist with non-stop audios on Ramaḍān and fasting in shāʾ Allāh. Currently we are in need of funds to pay for the next year of HD audio streams. 

A few years ago, we launched TROID raḍīo to stream the over 100GB of audio in TROID's catalogue and to broadcast live events. al-Hamdulillāh, this project is very important and useful for Islamic audio on the go. We have worked with two platforms, most recently Spreaker, which has been convenient for live events but insufficient for automated streaming. We currently implement a solution which will provide the following important features:
  • HD quality live streaming of events
  • 24/7 automated shuffled audio stream (from TROID's 800+ audios, over 100GB)
  • Scheduled programming (slots to re-run classes weekly on specific times)
  • Smartphone enabled broadcasting (for meetings with mashāyikh etc.)
  • Website schedule and live feed widgets (plugged into www.troid.ca)
  • Support for TuneIn and other streaming apps
  • Full metadata support during streams (i.e. album info, speaker etc.)
The entire catalogue of troid.ca would take almost 4 weeks to play in a loop and we have over 300 audios still in queue to be published on troid.ca. It is the largest Salafī audio catalogue online in the English speaking world. 

The cost of this project is $999 UDD /yr [Due for renewal, Apr. 2017]
Donate now via paypal.me/troid (or Paypal info -@- troid.ca [Attn: raḍīo] (the support TROID widget on the lower right-side of this page is available for PayPal)

This is a small amount considering the huge impact and benefit of HD audio streams of live and prior events to every corner of the globe. This is one area where the daʿwah can reach far and wide, since the opponents to this daʿwah are busy selling DVD sets, al-hamdulillāh, our audio is free, constant and growing. Below are some screenshots of our software, we invite you to participate in sponsoring this important project.

We ask Allāh to make it a benefit to the Muslims in the English speaking world.

Live stream:

airtime radiopage

Calendar Schedule:

airtime dashboard

airtime 247

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