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End of Ramadaan Sale on Clothing @ TROIDStore

Special In-Store Sale on Thobes and Abayas until end of Ramaḍān!!

During the last 10 days of Ramaḍān, take advantage of these awesome deals:

Mens Thobes. Reg $50 each

Sale:  2 Thobes for $90, 3 Thobes for $120

Womens Abayas:  Reg $55 each

Sale: $45 each or 2 for $80

Womens Abayas:  Reg $70/80 

Sale: $55/65 respectively

Buy 2 reg $55 for $80

Buy 2 reg $70 for $100

Buy 2 reg $80 for $120

Buy 2 reg $70/$80 for $110

Bonus: Every promo sale gets free miswak stick, sunnah pants or $3 perfume – while quantities last (2 free items with each promo)

Offer ends when Ramaḍān Ends!! Hurry!!


Available @ troid.ca/store

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