TROIDStore Rep. in Saudi Arabia (Apr. 4th - Apr. 15th)

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If you live in or will be in Makkah or Madīnah during the aforementioned dates, you can make a pre-order from TROIDStore and avoid high international shipping/taxes (a great opportunity - limited weight available).

Makkah availability: April 4-7 2017
Madīnah availability: April 9-15 2017

[note: other KSA cities - unavailable - you must be able to meet in Makkah/Madīnah or have someone pay/collect for you]

List of available titles:

BKS-1 — The Creed of the Four Imaams — 18.00 USD
BKS-5 — Exemplary Principles Concerning Beautiful Names of Allah — 24.00 USD
BKS-6 — Fundamentals of the Salafee Methodology — 17.00 USD
BKS-8 — Essential Questions & Answers Concerning the Foundations Imaan — 12.00 USD
BKS-9 — Things that nullify One's Islam — 15.00USD
BKS-11 — Upright Moral Character — 10.00 USD
BKS-12 — The Legislative Position on Quraan Khwaanee — 7.00 USD
BKS-13/BKS-14 — Lessons and Benefits from The Marital Life of the Prophet — 10.00 USD
BKS-16 — How to Protect Yourself from Shaytaan — 12.00 USD
BKS-17 — Some Benefits from Sooratul—Faatihah — 8.00 USD
BKS-18 — The Excellence of Following the Sunnah — 9.00 USD
BKS-19 — The Correct Creed that Every Muslim Must Know — 16.00 USD
BKS-20 —Be Salafi Upon The Path — 15.00 USD
BKS-21 — The Legislated Types of Jihad & The Deviation of the Extremists — 10.00 USD
BKS-22 — Laa Ilaaha Ill-allah Its Meaning. Pillers. Conditions. Nullifiers. What It Necessities — 8.00 USD
BKS-23 — Essential Questions and Answers on the Salafee Methodology — 7.00 USD
BKS-24 — The Islāmic Creed for Children — 9.00 USD
BKS-25 —The Deviation of the Youth: Its Causes and the Means to Remedy It — 6.00 USD
BKS-27 — Understanding your Testimony — 10.00 USD

Instructions for pre-order:

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your order from the aforementioned titles. Include your collection city, collection day, phone number, email address and name. 

Minimum order: $50 USD. [Payment can be made in USD or SAR (at SAR selling rates)]

Note: we are only offering TROID Publications.