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Seven Fundamental Questions Regarding Islām (islaam.ca)



  8.5" /11" [US Letter Size] Double-Sided Pamphlet

  Instructions on how to get these pamphlets professionally printed for your community, masjid or centre

The second in a series of six pamphlets from islām.ca introducing Islām. The 7 'Fundamental' Questions About Islām pamphlet answers seven pivotal questions about Islām. Following up from no. 1 in the series (which focuses on the 'Lordship of Allāh' (Tawḥīd ar-Rubūbiyyah), no. 2 provides a more general overview of Islām.

  What is Islām? Who are the Muslims? Who is Allāh? Who is Muḥammad? What are the Teachings of Islām? What is the Qurʾān? How Do Muslims View the Nature of Man, the Purpose of Life and the Hereafter?

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