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Explanations of the verses and chapters of the Qurʾān from the books of Tafāsīr. Information on the science of Tafsīr.



  Muḥammad Ibn al Fadl said: I heard my grandfather say: I asked my father for permission to study under Qutaybah, so he said: First learn the Qurʾān and then I will give you permission. So I memorized the Qurʾān by heart. So he said to me: Remain until you have led the people in prayer (tarāwīh) with it. So I did so, then after the ʿĪd he gave me permission, so I left for Marw.
Related by Imām al-Dhahabī in Tadhkirat al Ḥuffādh (2/722)


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RT @musashaleem: Shaykh Rabīʿ al-Madkhalī (حفظه الله) said: “The Sunnah has become peculiar.” رسائل علماء السنة إلى شباب الأمة 91

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