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Featuring articles on Memorizing the Qurʾān and the miraculous nature of the Book of Allāh.



  So the first thing which he should begin with is the memorization of the mighty Qurʾān, which is the most important of the branches of knowledge. And the Salaf did not used to teach Ḥadīth or fiqh, except to one who had memorized the Qurʾān. So when he has memorized it, then let him beware of pre-occupying himself from it with Ḥadīth, or fiqh, or other things, to the extent that it leads him to forget anything from the Qurʾān , or makes that likely. 
Imām al-Nawawī [Al Majmūʿ Sharḥ al-Muhadhab (1/38)].

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