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Choosing a Husband


What every Muslimah should look for in a prospective husband.



  So what is important is that the woman should concentrate on good character and practice of the Dīn.


Question: What are the most important matters which should form the basis for a woman to choose a husband, and does refusing a righteous person for worldly reasons bring Allāh's punishment upon her?

Answer: The most important attributes which a woman should seek in one proposing marriage are good character and Dīn (Practice of the Religion). As regards wealth and lineage, then these are secondary matters. The most important thing is that the one proposing the marriage should be good in the Dīn and in his character - since regarding one possessing Dīn and good character, she will not lose out in any respect: if he keeps her, then he will do so in a good manner and if he releases her, he will do so in a good manner. Furthermore, the one possessing Dīn and good character will be a blessing for her and her children and she will learn good manners and the Dīn from him.

But if the person is one who does not have these attributes then she should avoid him - especially those who are negligent about the prayers, or one who is known to drink intoxicants - and Allāh's refuge is sought... So what is important is that the woman should concentrate on good character and practice of the Dīn. As regards lineage, then if it is attainable additionally, then that is more fitting, since Allāh's Messenger (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) said: If there comes to you one whose Dīn and character is pleasing then give [the woman] in marriage to him

However if one who is also similar in standing is found then that is better.

Shaykh Ibn ʿUthaymīn in Fatāwál-Mar'ah Vol. 1. p.50

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